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Nature Deficit Disorder

It is my very humble opinion that much of our world’s current malaise is due to what Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, coined as “Nature Deficit Disorder”. Getting out in nature has always been an experience … Continue reading

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Why one-on-one time works better for children’s behavioral issues

For those of you who might not know, I have a child with a social anxiety disorder and some related sensory regulation problems that feed into it. Last year, my middle daughter (5.5) was diagnosed with selective mutism, which is … Continue reading

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How most children learn to read.

I spent a few moments this morning searching for how children learn to read and came up with this very good article from Reading Rockets that describes the progression of reading skills as well as how pre-reading skills are developed … Continue reading

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Genetics vs. Environment…new findings on IQ.

Jump over to my other blog Raising Smart Girls to read about an interesting book review of Intelligence and How To Get It: Why Schools and Culture Count by Richard E. Nisbett, a cognitive psychiatrist at the University of Michigan. … Continue reading

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Early childhood development and resisting the urge to push

As a mother of very bright and possibly gifted children, I have worked hard at finding out just how to help them develop their potential. I have come to realize that pushing early academics is not only pointless, but really … Continue reading

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Do you or does someone you love suffer from Arithmetic Difficulties (AD)?

It could be that you or they have dyscalculia, or the math equivalent of dyslexia. From Wikipedia Dyscalculia (difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics) was originally identified in case studies of patients who suffered specific arithmetic disabilities as a result … Continue reading

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Make believe play to help self-regulation?

In an effort to help my selectively mute/highly sensitive 4.5 year old, I’m doing everything I can to create an environment at home that increases her ability to self-regulate. I will be starting to post some pictures of the ideas … Continue reading

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