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Inexpensive additions for kids’ sensory diet at home.

Just wanted to link to my other blog for inexpensive ideas for sensory activities at home. I’m currently working on some more discovery bottles too. These are ones I already made From left – purple food coloring and corn syrup; … Continue reading

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Creating a sensory diet at home.

We haven’t started my SPD daughter on any formal sensory OT just yet. I wanted to see if the IEP last week was going to cover any OT for her. It didn’t. But that’s okay. There’s plenty of ideas on … Continue reading

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Make believe play to help self-regulation?

In an effort to help my selectively mute/highly sensitive 4.5 year old, I’m doing everything I can to create an environment at home that increases her ability to self-regulate. I will be starting to post some pictures of the ideas … Continue reading

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Final review of the 4.5 year old with selective mutism.

I posted on my other blog the results of the testing for my selectively mute daughter. After 5 pretty exhausting sessions, we have the results. If you are interested, you can read about them here.

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I forgot to update about the 4.5 year old with selective mutism

Click here for an update if you are interested. Click here for another mothers very helpful blog about her now 13 year old and the journey of selective mutism he has gone through and how hard his mom had worked … Continue reading

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Update on the 4.5 year old.

I forgot to post about the last testing session of my 4.5 year old daughter. She had a pretty long day last Thursday that I wrote about on my other blog. My gut instinct that I have always had is … Continue reading

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Sensory boards

Okay, I know I said I probably wasn’t going to be able to post much this week, but today’s appointment got canceled, so we didn’t have as rough of a day as I thought we would. I’m a textured fabric … Continue reading

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