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That Good Feeling of Control

I know I haven’t posted in ages.  I’ve been dealing with some difficult family stuff.  I just thought I’d share this presentation I just watched.  I think it’s important to share the message here. Exploring Self-Regulation, Trauma and Creativity and … Continue reading

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Peaceful Solutions for Hitting and Anger

I came across this lovely little post from Simple Kids entitled 6 Peaceful Solutions for Hitting and Anger. I think Megan at Simple Kids had a some great ideas to start with. I wanted to add a few more: To … Continue reading

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Why one-on-one time works better for children’s behavioral issues

For those of you who might not know, I have a child with a social anxiety disorder and some related sensory regulation problems that feed into it. Last year, my middle daughter (5.5) was diagnosed with selective mutism, which is … Continue reading

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Kids Problem Solving Binder

Well, I’ve spent a few weeks on getting together a binder for helping my very sensitive 5 year old with her behaviors at home. It’s been a long search on the internet, but I found some good ideas. I’m posting … Continue reading

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