This is a fun math game that plays like scrabble for your older kiddos. I found it at Marshall’s discount store for $7, half off retail price within the last two weeks. If you have a Marshall’s near you, I’d check them out. Amazon carries SMATH too if you don’t have a Marshall’s near you.


You build number sentences instead of words, and the tiles consist of numbers and operation signs and parenthesis and equals signs. You make your equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For younger children, you can omit the multiplication, division tiles. For older children, you can add them and the parentheses to add complexity.

Just like with scrabble, you tally your scores and multiply the tile or the equation by any factors underneath (2X or 3X the value of the tile or the value of the equation).

To give my almost second grade daughter extra math practice, I made her be the scorekeeper for the game.

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