Genetics vs. Environment…new findings on IQ.

Jump over to my other blog Raising Smart Girls to read about an interesting book review of Intelligence and How To Get It: Why Schools and Culture Count by Richard E. Nisbett, a cognitive psychiatrist at the University of Michigan.

IQ itself is not the reason why I enrich my kids experience at home, but because I love learning and it’s important to me that they get a lot of exposure to things I felt I was rather weak in, like math. I really believe that exposure to math and science now will help them understand and enjoy those subjects in school, particularly since girls aren’t typically as strong in math and science as boys are.

I think environment and educational experiences and certain types of play-based learning (like make believe and encouraging creativity) from early ages is really important, which is why it’s been important to me to do what we do and share ideas with other parents, so they might get ideas to do things at home as well.

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