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Handmade felt bookmarks

For the end of year teacher gifts, I’m planning on giving handmade felt bookmarks and $5 gift cards to the local bookstore. The felt is the good wool blend felt from Weir Dolls and Crafts (70% wool) that I had … Continue reading

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I-SPY bottle

I’ve seen these types of bottles in the stores retailing for $20. For a few pennies, I’ve made my own. Materials Needed: Uncooked white rice uncooked colored rice (recipe to follow) Washed empty peanut butter jar Small toys, screws, coins, … Continue reading

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Fairy or Pirate Treasure Chest

I had found unfinished small boxes in the shape of a treasure chest at the craft store for about $1-$2. I thought they’d be perfect child sized treasure boxes and they’d be wonderful filled with colorful treasures. Since they were … Continue reading

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Handmade dollhouse

My husband spent the past month working really hard on a dollhouse for our youngest, who turns four on Monday. I think he did a great job, despite the fact he really had no plans to work from, just a … Continue reading

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Doll accessories to sew

I was searching for ideas for making baby doll accessories for my niece’s birthday and these are a few of the cute ideas/tutorials I found: Happy Things shows us how to make a chenille backed baby doll blanket. Kids’ sewing … Continue reading

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Our version of the crayon roll/artist’s roll.

This elf worked really hard to make one last homemade gift for my oldest daughter today. I’ve been really inspired by others making crayon rolls, but for my oldest, who is moving out of the crayon stage at almost 7 … Continue reading

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An extra touch for the dollhouse furniture…

I bought a Plan toys bedroom set for my middle daughter’s dollhouse for Christmas, and while I liked the purple color, I wasn’t so fond of the modern style but it was 50 percent off, so I couldn’t complain. I … Continue reading

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