Civil War Days

It’s that season again – time for historical re-enactments.  Kicking off this years events was the Civil War Days at a local pioneer settlement.


We first stopped off at a print shop and learned how they made newspapers once upon a time.


And mansion built in the last 1800s.  We got to tour the lower level though no pictures were allowed of the interior to preserve the artifacts.


We toured the Confederate camps…


…and the Union Camps too.


Then it was time for the battle.

Youngest daughter and I sat so very close to this cannon (for a while anyway):


We not only heard the boom through our covered ears, we FELT it too as it reverberated through the ground and through our bodies.


After three or four booms, and numerous shots fired from the rifles, youngest daughter had enough. So we left and I went around to the confederate side to take more photos:



Even the re-enactors had to cover their ears when the officers gave the signal to fire the cannons.

Last year the Union boys won the battle.  This year it was the confederate soliders that won the field and they overtook the fort.

Not all of the wounded made it though. Yes, indeed, last rites were performed on the dying.


I recommend checking out your local area for historical re-enactments.  You can read all about history in books, but it’s an altogether different learning experience to be a part of living history.

Do you have any blog posts to share of your visits to historical re-enactments?  If so, leave a link in the comments.  We’d love to see them.

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2 Responses to Civil War Days

  1. Gerky says:

    We used to volunteer at a local historical village. We worked one weekend during the civil war reinactment. It was a completely awesome experience. Amongst other things, my oldest recieved a purple heart for being “injured” and having a medic work on him….he prizes that piece of felt still today! I think they were demonstrating battle field triage or something like that. There was nothing like being in period costume and hearing the cannons while baking kolaches in a wood oven. Thanks for posting this…it brings back wonderful memories.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Gerky –

    How awesome that must have been to participate. I wish we could do something like that. I’m so glad your family got the chance to experience that.

    Kolaches like the fruit filled pastry? Yum! My mother used to make them.

    I’m glad my post gave you a chance to remember such a wonderful period in your families’ lives.

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