Halloween Spider Math

I have been wanting to do this a few weeks ago with the girls, only to find out I misplaced my spiders. I came across some cute spider button/findings earlier this year at Joann fabrics. I scooped up two packages when they were 50% off.  Yes, I probably should have gotten more because they are now out of stock at my local  Joann’s.


So, just (barely) in time for Halloween, I found them again to do some spider math.  Or, you could use those Halloween spider rings and cut off the circle part.

I found a spider addition mat from Mathwire.com and put it in a clear sleeve protector to use with a dry erase marker.

Daughter (5.5) used a large die to roll to determine how many spiders to add to each web and then added them together to get the result.


Alternately the different colored spiders can be used for patterning:


I’m looking for other spider games to play for 5-7 year olds using 20 spiders.  Any ideas out there?

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