Civil War On Sunday

This past Sunday we got the chance to go to see a Civil War Re-enactment at Naper Settlement in Naperville, IL.


Confederate telegraph operator Geo.  “Lightening” Ellsworth


Playing along with the musicians (M and K are the two girls wearing hats under the flute player).  They got to play three songs with them, and we videotaped them.  It was so much fun.  Little E was too shy to play along.


Me with President Lincoln (I cropped out the girls for privacy but they were in the shot in front of us.


Dad learning about the weapons used by the confederate soldiers (why yes, he is a Hawks fan).


General Custer looking tired and other Union officers

Old fashioned photographer developing tintype (ferrotype) photos



Ladies shopping at the sutlery (a store on an army post to sell provisions to the soldiers).

Union soliders on the march


Battle re-enactment



This was an amazing field trip.    And I’m so glad we got the opportunity to go.

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2 Responses to Civil War On Sunday

  1. So you have experienced the emotions you get in civil wars now.
    What do you think , Due to civil war science , math and technology flourished or diminished?

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I think math and technology has flourished, but I wouldn’t have thought it is solely because of civil war science. There have been plenty of significant advancements in math and technology since the days of ancient Egypt (astronomy, math and medicine), ancient Greece (math – Pythagoras and medicine – Hippocrates) and Rome (architecture), and China (gunpowder, the compass, papermaking, printing).

    Supercolliders and nanotechnology are a few areas where math and technology have flourished. That being said, there are drawbacks, so much technological advances end up in landfills when they break or become obsolete.

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