Mummies and Pyramids

I’m in the process of putting together a mini-unit study of one of my oldest daughter’s, 8, on-going interests in Egyptian mummies.  She’s working on an art project in school on Egyptian hieroglyphs, so I thought this would be a good idea to do over spring break.

So far, I have collected a few things to help delve into the process.

For her birthday in January, I bought her a Slinky Ancient Pyramid Kit from Tuesday Morning – where I got it for $12, not the original list price of $25.


Tuesday Morning also had a book called The Best Book of Mummies – a nicely illustrated book.

At Christmas time, she got a Magic Tree House Research Guide on Mummies and Pyramids.

Even if we didn’t find these books, I found a great interactive online book for kids called, You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy.

We already worked on this little interactive about Ancient Egypt from Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.  You have to click on Ancient Egypt on the left hand side, but it will take you to see some x-rays and pictures of real mummies and you can print out a few games children would play, like Mehen, the Snake Board game, and Seega.

At my local resale shop, I found a National Geographic from November 2009 that was about Egypt’s Animal Mummies for 25 cents.
But you can see it for free at the following links:

You can find the article here: Egypt’s Animal Mummies
And the photo gallery here: Animal Mummy Photos.
And an interactive map: Animal Mummies – Interactive Map.

One of the science projects I hope to get to while we are on spring break this week is the Mummifying an Apple Activity from Newtons Apple and I’ve been wanting to make a sugar cube pyramid like this one seen at Family Fun for quite some time now.


I have to pick up some supplies for the pyramid mortar…but I have the sugar cubes.  I’ll be posting pictures as we complete the projects.

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