New Year, New Decade, New Plans

I’m thinking I’m going to let this blog idle a little bit longer. I’m not feeling particularly called to post quite as much here right now as I did last year. I do plan on working on my science blog…The Exploration Station.

I feel a real strong calling to work on more science projects, and more sharing of links and free printables I come across in the science arena.

I do feel compelled to write a few articles I have on the back burner, I just don’t know when I’ll get to them. I DO check and reply to comments, so if you have any comments or questions, please continue to feel free to comment.

I ended up teaching a lecture to 4th graders on Forensic DNA analysis, and it was absolutely fantastic. I was thrilled for days afterward, making me realize that is where my passion lies – in science, not general education.

I plan on cultivating The Exploration Station blog. It’s for a variety of ages, and don’t be intimidated if your kids are a little too little yet. Some can be done first as demonstrations when they are little and they can do them again on their own while they are older.

Teaching science to kids is not that intimidating. They are naturally curious and spend an awful lot of time on their own “experiments” – using a LOT of trial and error, until they form conclusions based on what they see happen when they experiment with the laws of nature around them (“what happens when I throw this?” “how high can I stack those blocks?” “will this toy sink or float in water?”).

We can encourage them to keep up their natural bent for exploration with a few things from our kitchen cabinets and help answer their questions by some great websites that have lots of resources available.

Anyway, many blessings for a wonderful 2010 and new decade!

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