Help Santa get to the Christmas Tree Game Board printable

I have been wanting to make a game board for a while, and finally got one finished. I made a fairly simple board game printable without specific playing instructions, in order for you to make up your own rules for playing. There’s spaces on the game board for additional rules, but basically, you use it how you want to.

Some ideas –

1. You can play with one die and go as many spaces as the numbers on the die.

2. You can play with two dice and add, subtract or multiply the numbers. You advance one space for every right answer.

3. You can use it with spelling words – you advance one space for every right word spelled.

4. You can make a set of cards to go with the game, with a mixture of math questions – some addition, some subtraction, some fractions, story problems etc. (I will eventually make a set of 20 cards to go with this game, hopefully sooner than later).


Click here for the pdf file: Christmas tree game

Can you think of other games to play with this board?

Oh, yeah, expect to see this game format again – I can think of some other themes already (like “help the pirate get to the treasure”).

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4 Responses to Help Santa get to the Christmas Tree Game Board printable

  1. Natalie says:

    Very cute – we’ll try it tonight 🙂

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Natalie – if you can think of improvements, let me know. I’m interested in hearing some good ideas.

  3. That game is really cute. I’m printing one out and will figure out a version to play with my kids. I have some small Christmas figures to use as playing pieces, I think. They’ll get a kick out of it – thanks!

  4. Leptir says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful material! Do you have some kind of tutorial how to convert word in PDF format? I’m trying but I can’t do that.

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