My First Clock Kit

If you have a Tuesday Morning Store by you, you have got to see if they have this cute, educational little clock kit for ages 6-15.

It’s Tuesday Morning price is $2.99. I thought it would be a really fun project to put together and help teach the girls a thing or two about gears and watch mechanics.


It comes with all 33 parts inside the clock


I love my 6 year old’s concentration with her little tongue sticking out of her mouth as she works.


Working hard.


We still have more to go.  We were going to finish it today, except that one in the picture got sick today.  She threw up in school, then had a fever (got as high as 103.2 tonight) and so we have to postpone finishing it (the bell, clock face and hands, and pendulum) until later.


You can click HERE to see an animation of how to put this clock together .

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6 Responses to My First Clock Kit

  1. Natalie says:

    Casey, I want this clock in the worst possible way! I had one like this when I was a child and would love to have one. Do they have them still and maybe you could get it for me?

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Natalie – I think they had a few of them. I will go back soon to check – maybe tomorrow night after husband comes home from work so that I don’t take the sick one out.

    It is a really fun little clock.

  3. I love it! My son would love it. But I’ve never even heard of Tuesday Morning…

  4. growinginpeace says:

    Here’s a link to them and a store locator.

    They are a “closeout” retailer – kind of along the lines of a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or AJ Wright – but better stuff and some of their toy selection comes from Germany (who has better standards for toy quality than we do in the US).

  5. reba says:

    after i read this yesterday i went right out an bought one! i may go buy the rest of the inventory for my gift closet

  6. Jaye says:

    Hey, Thanks!
    My 6 year old son is obsessed with clocks and gears. He collects and tinkers with old alarm clocks, grandfather clock parts, and all kinds of gears. I spotted this “my first clock kit” online and planned to make it a Christmas present. My online searches landed me on this page. We headed out to Tuesday Morning and lo and behold – there it was!! And only $2.99!
    Thank you for the tip – you made my son’s day and saved me a bit of money (especially considering we got three 🙂 –Jaye

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