Cake fractions

My kindergartner wanted a book on math when we went to the library, so we checked out a few books from the Time Life Series “I LOVE MATH”. One of which was called Alice in Numberland.

One of the stories involved making a cake for a party and cutting it into fractions for the number of guests present. It had a craft following it to make your own cake fractions. They had flowers around the border of the cake top, and then they divided the cake into different fractions.

This is one of the cakes I made – cut in fourths. I used a plates and bowls to make the circles on cardstock, then cut them out and glued them together and stickers. I modified the original design (which had 12 flowers on it to start) – I placed 16 stickers in the outer green ring of the cake, 12 stickers in the middle pink ring and 4 stickers in the inner blue ring. I cut it into fourths with my paper trimmer and then laminated the entire thing with self stick laminating sheets.


The idea behind this is to teach both fractions and division. 16/4, 12/4, and 4/4. I think this turned out really well though after the fact I realized I could have made more rings and done 8/4 and 20/4. Each slice would then have contained 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stickers in the concentric rings.


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2 Responses to Cake fractions

  1. Basia says:


    I would like to nominate you for the Honest Scrap Award. Details are located on my blog. Thanks for a great read.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Thank you so much, Basia. How fun! I appreciate the nomination. 🙂

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