One of my blogs was featured in an online interview.

My Exploration Station blog and I have been featured as the first in a series of weekly interviews about children’s activity bloggers by Starr Weems de Graffenried for the online publication, Besides writing education articles for, Ms. Weems de Graffenried is a “teacher, artist and educational activity designer. She holds a M.Ed. from Auburn University and is CELTA certified through Cambridge. Starr is the author of Teach Your Child Spanish Through Play and Brain Child“. I must say I’m absolutely thrilled to be featured and it was an honor and a pleasure to share with Ms. Weems de Graffenried. It was wonderful to share my philosophy about education and give tips to other parents and educators of young children and see my own words somewhere other than in my own blogs.

I also wanted to share that she has a great article regarding discovery based learning you don’t want to miss. I didn’t realize there was a name for what we do at home, but that’s exactly what we do here at home.

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