Comments open to all

I’m going to try something new. Anyone should be allowed to comment without signing in. I will be moderating all comments, so it will still take a while to see your comments posted. I would love some feedback, so I can tweak the blog.

One of the comments I’d received was that it didn’t feel like there was enough here for the toddler/preschooler set, so I figured I would try to accommodate more activities geared toward the younger kids, though, it’s my belief that many things can be modified for younger kids, by finding larger manipulatives or by supervising your kids closely with certain projects, or finding edible versions of things.

I try not to use candy or food with math stuff, mostly because they get enough of that in school, and even though they eat candy, I don’t like to link junk food with learning or use junk food to motivate them to learn. That’s just my hangup though.

Also, I’m thinking about giving some of my materials away – things that I made that they’ve outgrown, or things that just didn’t get used much like I thought they would. But I’d hate to throw those things away and I can’t give them to the Goodwill Store. I’ve also bought a few things that I’ve never used and I don’t think I plan to and they are just sitting here collecting dust. Would you be interested in some gently used materials?

So…if you feel so inclined, please offer positive comments or constructive criticism and let me know how you like things around here.

Is the layout pleasant ?
Is the content good?
Can you find things easily?
Are there non-working links?

Let me know so I can make things better.

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7 Responses to Comments open to all

  1. Natalie says:

    Of course, I would be interested šŸ™‚ I love your site, and I think that both content and layout is good. I actually went back to the very beginning and bookmarked some of the ideas as something to try later. And I see from the latest posts that you are adding materials for a younger crowd – I might try a variation of your color game when I will print just the word as a match, not a word with color clue.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Thanks Natalie.

    It would be easy enough to print out the color words without the color cue. Goodness knows it took a while to do the color cue cards.

    My littlest one still has a hard time differentiating pink from purple, and black from white, so we will be working on that color matching game some more.

    I think what I would do about giving things away is simply post some pictures of some things I have to give away, and do a simple drawing. All anyone would have to do is just post a quick comment and I’d make it a game for the kids to do.

  3. teachingyoungchildren says:

    I am looking forward to it šŸ™‚

  4. Michelle E. says:

    Oh, I think people would be interested in gently used items! I am relatively new to your site and love it — haven’t had any problems with links, etc.

  5. growinginpeace says:

    Thanks Michelle. I think I will do that then. I have at least one or two things that’s brand new still in the package and I just haven’t used them.

  6. I like your layout and your content. There isn’t a lot going on on the sidebars which often distracts me from the posts on other blogs. I feel that the links at the top of your blog are extremely helpful in finding things as well as the links in the sidebars. I personally feel that you are doing an amazing job and I love visiting your blog. And I am definitely interested in gently used items! I’m all about them.

  7. growinginpeace says:

    Terra – thank you for the lovely compliments. I keep thinking of how I like to look for neat things to try with the kids and I try to make it easier for others who are doing the same.

    I thought for a while my sidebar looked rather plain. I liked the color of ABC and 123s Summer Prize Picnic – that gives it a little bit of color at least.

    I’m finding a few things that I could give away. Hopefully someone could be able to use them. I think sometime next week I’ll start posting them – maybe one a week or so, until they all find new homes.

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