Props for pretend play

Because I’ve been inspired by Ph.D in Parenting’s Carnival of Play, I’m posting some of the neatest little free printables I found for pretend play and adding some of my own ideas.

One of the girls favorite pretend play scenarios is restaurant. They will create menus themselves on a sheet of paper – my 7 year old will write in words and my 5 year old will do hers in pictures. But if they weren’t interested in using their writing and drawing skills, the take home menus from restaurants would be a great idea or ask for extra childrens’ menus, because often they come with activities sheets too. They are free and easy to obtain.

I found three wonderful and free printable pretend play kits from One is called Let’s Play Restaurant. It contains a menu, order sheets and the checks, and various signs to post about daily specials and an open/closed sign.

They also have one to called Let’s Play Store complete with receipts, coupons and shopping lists and price tags to fill in.

And one for Let’s Play Library, complete with library cards and bookmarks, checkout cards, signs, and a book puzzle.

We’ve also played post office, and I labeled envelopes with names and addresses of family members and placed rectangular shaped stickers for stamps. I used pre-printed address labels that we’ve had for our return address. Then I laminated the whole envelope with self-sealing laminating sheets.


I did the same for postcards we’ve picked up in real places like when my husband went to Australia. Instead of letting them sit in a box, I used them too and wrote short letters to the girls or described the picture on the other side, and found other stickers that looked like stamps and then laminated the whole thing.



I made these 2 years ago and they have held up well.

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