Handmade dollhouse

My husband spent the past month working really hard on a dollhouse for our youngest, who turns four on Monday. I think he did a great job, despite the fact he really had no plans to work from, just a picture of a similar dollhouse I found on the internet.

It’s made out of pine, it’s almost 3 feet wide and about 2.5 feet tall. It’s the first time he ever used a router bit and ever made anything this complicated before. It’s not perfect, but it’s very charming.


We’ve since moved it to the girls bedroom. I like it much better there.



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4 Responses to Handmade dollhouse

  1. teachingyoungchildren says:

    Your husband did a great job! Did he only make a house or a furniture as well? We would like to give our daughter a dollhouse for her 3rd birthday, and my husband also wanted to make it himself, but I am not sure what to do about dollhouse furniture and its “inhabitants”.

    And another unrelated question: I like your blog so much that I went back to the archives to read more. However, they only seem to extend to the last Feb even though from the content it seems that there were earlier posts. Is there any chance to dig them out somehow?

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Thank you.

    As far as furniture goes, we didn’t make them, but they are different sets that I managed to find by keeping my eyes open. The Kitchen and purple bedroom set is from Plan Toys, the dining room table is Ryan’s room

    I’m fond of the Plan Toys furniture, but to buy them online, they are about $15-$20 a set. There was a local toy shop that carried both for a while, then clearanced them for 50% off.

    I will try to find the link where there was a mom who made dollhouse furniture herself out of wood pieces from the craft store. She did a good job of it, and it didn’t seem terribly hard. I will dig it up.

    As far as posts earlier than Feb, the blog goes back to feb 2008. I know I have deleted some posts that were just random thoughts or things that not many people were interested in, and moved the science experiment posts over to the blog The Exploration Station .

    Moving some posts around like this might have goofed up some earlier posts, but I was really trying to narrow this blog’s focus a little more to the preschool/kindergarten fun learning experiences and place the science experiments on their own. I kind of felt like this blog was getting 1) too big and I wasn’t sure if I could keep uploading pictures indefinitely and 2) a little too much going on, so I spun off the science experiment stuff onto it’s own.

    At any rate, I probably should go back to the early stuff and check for inconsistencies, but at the moment, it’s a little bit too much to take on.

    Was there anything in particular you were wanting to know more about?

  3. growinginpeace says:

    Here’s that link for the homemade dollhouse furniture (some of the things, like the bathroom and stove/sink/fridge are Plan Toys, but she made the rest).


    I think you can read it without having to register at MDC.

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