Indianapolis Children’s Museum

We had a fantastic experience at the world’s largest children’s museum this week: Indianapolis Children’s Museum on Monday. They had some really fun exhibits like the Lego Castle exhibit, the Egyptian exhibit, Comic Book Heroes, a Steam Engine, Scienceworks and the Dinosphere. They also had an amazing water clock.


My oldest daughter, 7, surprised me a lot when she took an interest in wanting to dissect a flower and to make a paper microscope slide, which we did in the Scienceworks exhibit.



We took the paper microscope slide (containing samples of salt, potting soil, sugar, vermiculite and grass seed) over to a digital microscope hooked up to a monitor so we could see the details of each sample.

All the girls really surprised my husband and I when we participated in the biotechnology learning center experiment making a basic cheese. I was impressed by the fact that even though the lesson was geared for ages 10 and above, the almost 4 year old, the 5 year old, and the 7 year old sat through the entire 20 minute lesson and actually had the patience to listen and participate through pipetting the aliquots of milk and enzymes to make cheese as seen in the picture below.



I have some amazing kids.

And I think the museum store is pretty wonderful there, not only having toys, but real and inexpensive treasures (you’d be surprised at how rare it is to find both in this day and age). I was able to add to our rock and mineral collection with some really inexpensive pieces:

2 agate slices, unpolished pink quartz, pyrite, tigerseye, goldstone, and ocos (mini-geode; center):

They also had some wonderful and inexpensive (less than 3 dollars) Egyptian papyrus painting (that was hand painted in Egypt), and a bookmark of the hieroglyphic alphabet on papyrus.


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