What they’ve been up to…

My 7 year old first grader:

Making asymmetrical patterns:


Counting Money and doing the sums on paper:


She not only did this with piggy bank money, but also some play money we have too. She’s doing very nicely with double digit addition. She is also reading Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone and doing some multiplication worksheets at home. At school, she’s doing single digit addition and subtraction only and her reading class is only about a second grade level right now. Harry Potter is a 5-6th grade reading level.

Fortunately she’s way okay with the discrepancy of what she gets at home versus what she’s having to learn at school. The school does allow her to read her Harry Potter books when she’s not doing other things, and if she felt up to it, she could do it for an accelerated reader test. I’m leaving that up to her.

The almost 4 year old:
Stacking and counting anything she can get her hands on:


Lego Indiana Jones People



Yeah, until recently, we had that Christmas tablecloth.

Making cascarones. My oldest daughter got this idea after reading about them in her reading class and she asked that we make them at home. She brought one in to class and was able to smash it over the head of her principal. Much fun!


The 5 year old:

I don’t have any pictures of my middle daughters works since she’s lately just been busy on imaginative play and reading books, and she’s been incredibly busy being tested at her preschool in preparation of kindergarten. The special needs teacher tested her with the Bracken school readiness test and she tested at the very advanced end (at a 7 year, 11 month level, even though she was not quite 5.5).

She’s making up a game right now with cards. She has some picture cards and describing them to me, and asking me to guess what they are.

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2 Responses to What they’ve been up to…

  1. sedlmeier1 says:

    My almost-4-yo is also big on counting everything. He sees letters everywhere, too. It makes dinner a bit more interesting. Yesterday he discovered that if you bite off a pretzel in a certain you can see a 3, E, W, or M, depending on how you turn it around.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t reply to this before. It’s so neat when they make connections, isn’t it?

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