If you are interested in a message board for the gifted…

We interrupt this programming for a small service announcement.

I just thought I’d share a relatively new message board that was borne out of the site SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted). They once had a forum that was for the most part a good thing, until a few people made it bad for all and they yanked the forums.

There is a new one created called MyGiftedLife.org which is trying to re-create a peer-to-peer forum for support for all things related to giftedness. There are sections for gifted adults as well as for support in raising gifted kids. It’s been redesigned (there is an archived forum that I think is read-only), but the intention is to continue to promote support for all things gifted and exchange ideas amongst each other. The site creator is very much interested in making it a good site and keeping it a thriving, positive forum for its members.

It’s in it’s infancy so there isn’t a lot of content over there, but if you are at all interested in being a part of creating something like this, please visit and sign up and start posting!

Now back to our original program.

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