Organizing a hands-on display for kids’ science exploration

We put up a new cubby shelf for the science things I’ve been collecting, and now can display them where the kids can have free exploration of them:

This is a 2×3 cubby shelf system by Closetmaid we purchased at Lowes:

1) Magnets and metal/nonmetal things, 2) acorns/rocks/shells, 3) kaleidoscopes/bug viewers, 4) fine motor things (not scientific but just put them there anyway) and science experiment book; 4) construction kit (has a pulley in it and wheels amongst the things, so it’s kind of scientific), and 5) books on shells, DK Publishing Human Body, Winnie the Pooh Nature encyclopedia, Smithsonian Rock and Gem guide.


Discovery bottles and magnifying glass and binoculars:


Fossils, small box of minerals, arrowhead and shark’s tooth and small prism and some empty plastic quarter sized coin containers for future treasures.


Shells, polished stones (including minerals like quartz and hematite and others I can’t think of at the moment), and acorns

Kaleidoscopes, bug viewers, and optical illusion tops:


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