Doll accessories to sew

I was searching for ideas for making baby doll accessories for my niece’s birthday and these are a few of the cute ideas/tutorials I found:

Happy Things shows us how to make a chenille backed baby doll blanket.

Kids’ sewing projects shows us how to make another doll blanket and a matching doll sized pillow and pillowcase.

Skip to my Lou shows us how to make a baby doll diaper and provides a great pattern for it.

Chasing Cheerios has a lot of very cute accessory ideas for dollies, including diaper wipes, a diaper wipe holder, a custom diaper bag, a changing pad, and more.

And these are pictures of what I made my niece for her birthday last weekend and it’s the very first thing I have made and gave away. That was a hard thing to do. I wanted to keep them for the girls at home. Guess I have to make another set or two.

A chenille-backed patterned flannel blanket (it’s 20″ x 22″), a burp cloth, diaper, and washcloth/diaper wipe:


Closeup of the diaper and washcloth:


And, as much as I wanted to make my own bag, I ran out of time and it was going to be a huge undertaking, so I cheated and bought a small canvas bag from Joann’s and decorated it with fabric markers from Crayola. It was small enough for little hands but roomy enough for all the dolly accessories I made. My eldest daughter drew the bee, and though I don’t have a picture of it, I had the girls decorate the backside for their cousin. That turned out so cute.


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