Starting the year off organized

I’ve been inspired to start revamping things both on this blog and in our home in order to promote more harmony and order and more exploration. Right now, things aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be.

I will use the month of January to start updating the way things are around on the blog to make it a little more organized. I will also be updating some of the photos too and adding new ones. I was completely inspired to challenge myself to re-vamp things after seeing these great ideas from this prekindergarten website. Click on the links to get some wonderful ideas for art, science, math, writing and reading centers.

So, keep checking back for updates and I hope you find ideas that you may use in your own home to promote your young children’s imagination and exploration.

Here’s the first storage update:

I love the pencil pouches you can get from Walmart for 97 cents (or CVS pharmacy for $3.99 – um…guess which ones I bought). They are great for storing small educational game sets (most of the ones shown were found at Walmart). I got this great idea from Chasing Cheerios from her post on Toddler Activity Bags.


They fit perfectly into these storage drawers:


Which fit well enough into the 9 cube storage cubbies from Target:


This shelving unit is located on one short wall of between the living and dining rooms (we have an L-shaped area that the dining room and living room are arranged in).

I also love pencil boxes. They hold lots of different materials that are too bulky for the pencil pouches:


This is what’s on top of the cube shelf:


We have a beautiful sideboard in our dining room that was supposed to hold things for entertaining, but since we don’t entertain much since our youngest came along, I have downsized the junk we never use (I never had good stuff anyway), and use a part of it for to hold their lazy susan/art caddy, some of the kids Montessori stuff, as well as their rice and bean sensory boxes and some additional art supplies.


(Yes, that is a jar of Three Beautiful Bees Beeswax Polish for some of our natural wooden toys next to my red tea pot).



I have yet to find a good spot for our science things. Right now I don’t have a good place for our collections, our science supplies, or our science books.

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2 Responses to Starting the year off organized

  1. Tara says:

    Hi! I’m Tara over at GCM s well & I just love how your organized everything. I totally stole your idea for the zippered pencil pouches. I LOVE this idea so much! Will you come over & organize my stuff for me? LOL

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Hi Tara. Thank you. I have a lot of fun organizing their stuff. I just wish I could do a better job of organizing everything else in this house :).

    Steal away. I stole the idea from Chasing Cheerios. I love getting ideas from others and I love sharing ideas too. Gosh, I forgot to give her credit for it. Eek! Must fix that.

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