Our version of the crayon roll/artist’s roll.

This elf worked really hard to make one last homemade gift for my oldest daughter today. I’ve been really inspired by others making crayon rolls, but for my oldest, who is moving out of the crayon stage at almost 7 years of age, I decided to make a modified one with this artist organizer tutorial from marthastewart.com.

I followed the directions for the artist organizer mostly, but added my own touches. She picked out the fabric from my stash, and chose the pirate themed fabric I had for the outside cover instead of the oilcloth. It’s going to go nicely with our pirate themed gifts she’s getting this year: a Playmobil Pirate Dinghy and a wooden lighthouse to go with the ocean playmat I made last year that they all still play with.

So, here it is


inside (note: the Elmo pad activity pad is only temporary. I plan on replacing the pad with a nice 5×8 artist sketch pad soon).


It’s purple and light blue wool blend felt on the inside. Looks pretty nice doesn’t it? Well, don’t be fooled. Ask me how many times I had to rip the stitches out because things just would not go well. It turns out that the correct bobbins make a HUGE difference. I had two very, very slightly different bobbins, but one worked perfectly, and one messed things up atrociously. I am a novice at this sewing machine stuff, but honestly, I thought it wasn’t going to take me as long as it did or make me so frustrated. I nearly gave up twice today.

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