Math and creative preschooler art

I just wanted to show a few things we’ve been doing for fun at home.

Pattern blocks

Patterns with fruit skewers


And some creative art my 3 year old came up with all on her own. When her sisters were in school, she was quiet for about 15 minutes in her sisters room. I knew she was in there with the cat, I had no idea she was in there with the cat and a black permanent marker:




Yes. That’s our cat. With black sharpie marker on her. And no, I have no idea how that cat managed to stay put long enough for her nose and 3 of her four feet to be marked by a 3 year old. I wonder if she was thinking she was going to make the cat all black.

Apparently it’s not permanent on cat fur, or if so, her saliva worked great because she managed to lick herself clean by the end of the day. The ink on my daughter on the other hand, took about a week to wear off.

Yes, I realize this is what typical 3 year olds do. But you have to understand, my older two were angels compared to this one. They never, ever marked anything other than paper. I really thought we were going to come through childhood without really any fun stories of mischief to tell. Until now.

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2 Responses to Math and creative preschooler art

  1. Melody says:

    For future reference, rubbing alcohol is the best thing to get permanant marker off of skin. Yea… I’ve had to use that one more than once.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Thanks. I can’t remember if I tried that or not. I know about that trick. I just don’t remember if I tried it or not.

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