Matching and sorting game

I went to Joann’s recently and came across inexpensive chipboard circles and decided to buy two packs of them for a matching/sorting game. They were $1 a piece.


I’ve had a mind to do a matching/memory game using scrapbook papers, similar to what Chasing Cheerios has recently done (very well I might add) on her blog .
I’ve been wanting to do something similar, and I have a ton of scrapbooking papers to use for the purpose, but hadn’t quite figured out the how. Now that I know, I just might try to complete that project.

In the meantime, I decided to use the chipboard circles for a matching game and sorting game. I bought two of them to be used to match up, but in addition, they can be sorted based on color and size, or by the fact that some have writing on them, some have flowers and some have stripes. My almost 5 year old was having fun thinking of different ways to sort them.


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