Feeding time for the baby animals!

We went to a local street fair yesterday and I wasn’t expecting much of it, but they did have a petting zoo for the kids to visit with the animals. It was free to get in, but for $1, you could get a cup of grain to feed the animals with.

In one large enclosure, they had ducks, chickens, baby goats, lambs and a calf, oh and quite a large bunny. It was kind chaotic, but a lot of fun.

I realized that I don’t ever remember feeding any animals (except for cows once and ducks in a pond), and though we’ve been to petting zoos before, we never had quite the mix of animals in one pen before. It was crazy.

And it was quite funny, because any time I got down to feed one of the chickens, a goat would be nibbling at my shirt behind me. This happened three times and while it was quite amusing, I really didn’t want my shirt to be eaten. I was wearing a green shirt with leaves on it that was quite sheer, so I wonder if they had mistaken it for something edible.

Those are my two oldest girls watching me feed a calf:


Here’s my youngest being brave and feeding a baby goat.


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2 Responses to Feeding time for the baby animals!

  1. teachingyoungchildren says:

    We have a membership in a SF zoo. They have an awesome petting zoo there. First time Anna was very reluctant to feed the goats, but by now that’s what she expects from a visit to a zoo. She is not that interested in exotic animals. The ones that she can actually touch attract her so much more.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Yeah, I can see the attraction to touch/feed the animals. It’s a lot of fun and it’s nice for “city folk” like us (okay suburban folk is more like it) to be able to touch and feed them. It was kind of chaotic to be surrounded by all the animals, but it sure was a blast!

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