Thrift store treasure makes good practical life material.

I found a very sturdy and large glass citrus juicer from the consignment store today. I didn’t realize until today how very practical having one of these on hand is. This one is large enough to accommodate a grapefruit, yet sturdy enough not to tip when being used (that is a grapefruit in the picture, for comparison).


I’ve been wanting a glass one for forever (the stores only seem to carry plastic ones these days) and had gotten the idea for a glass juicer from Montessori Services, but have been trying to find one locally.

It’s a great addition to our Montessori practical life materials, and think I can safely get rid of my electric juicer now, since I use the blender more often for fruit smoothies, and eat my veggies raw. But it is still nice to have fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice.

We’ve already made grapefruit juice twice today. It cleans up so easily as opposed to the electric juicer, which was a pain and a half to clean, made juices too frothy, and removed all the pulp (and pulp is good for you). In addition, it takes up much less space in my cabinets.

I’m so happy. 🙂

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2 Responses to Thrift store treasure makes good practical life material.

  1. You found a gem!

    I shop thrift stores and yard sales way more than I do regular stores.

    Enjoy your new juicer! I’ve been contemplating getting us one. Like you I had a elec. juicer years ago and it was a pain in so many ways. We got rid of it and never got another one (elec. or non-elec.).

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I love thrift stores and yard sales. I love the thrill of finding a treasure in someone else’s castoffs.

    Welcome! 🙂

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