A space of your own…

My time of late has been on a huge decluttering binge. I have forced myself not to post much until I have gotten a good chunk of it done.

Do you have a space in your home that’s just for you? I have had various spots in the house, but only temporarily. My spaces tend to disappear as I move things around (I’m a chronic mover of furniture). I would tend to give up my space in order to create more storage room for my kids stuff.

But, in an effort to once again declutter, I made a very earnest effort to turn my bedroom back into a sanctuary for me and my husband, and to move furniture around in order to make space for a writing desk and chair. I need my space, I crave my little corner. Not having one makes me really out of sorts and disorganized. I like having a place to retreat to and write the old fashioned way – with pen and paper, not computer and keyboard. Even if it’s just writing my to do list, I tend to think better when I’m in a quiet spot (without a computer at it), at a desk where I can feel both at peace and feel kind of like I used to when I worked. I always had my own workspaces – albeit at a lab bench for part of the day, and at a modern sterile gray office desk for the other part of the day. But it was always my own to organize how I wish and keep my things the way I wanted.

I rewarded myself this weekend with this lovely writing desk and chair from a local consignment store – a gift to myself for the hard and let’s face it (boring) work of decluttering I’m engaging in.


Closeup of the desk:

Detail of the chair:

And the rest of the room:

The bed:

My dresser (why yes, that IS a barbie doll sitting on top of my jewelry box):

My husbands dresser:

I just love my bedroom and my new (yet old) desk. I now have a place I can come to when I need to center myself, to write, and to work on the progress of my goals. I was sitting at the desk earlier, listening to the sounds of my girls playing in their bedrooms. I am looking forward to using my new desk and having my own space again to think, to plan, and to dream at.

I’m very, very pleased.

Do you have a space of your own to share? I love seeing how other mothers make a place for themselves.

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