The mighty oak…

So I was weeding in my kids’ swingset area, and I pulled up what I thought was a weed. To my surprise, it turned out to be an acorn seedling that started to take root. I know that we have found acorns in the playground mulch, and assumed this must have been one that a squirrel had buried hoping to return to it in the winter.

I was both happy and upset that I found it. I was happy because it was an exciting discovery, and think it’s very cool that the acorn started growing, but it should have been left alone. Obviously, though, I can’t tell an oak seedling from a weed. In fact, I was looking at other similar looking “weeds” and they were just that, weeds. However, if I did leave it alone, it would really be in a bad place to grow.


I ended up replanting it to another area of our yard, but I’m not sure how well it will take. I especially worry that it won’t retake in our lousy clay soil, or that the bunny family in our yard will eat the tender leaves.

Anyhow, if anyone was interested in attempting to grow an on tree from an acorn, here is a great reference.

Acorns to Oaks

I may just end up digging it up and following these directions to help this little guy out. Given the fact that we have zero trees in our yard, and I have been wanting one, this would be a wonderful and free opportunity to use nature’s bounty.

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