Our natural history collection is growing…

I’ve been letting our friends and family know the girls and I have been collecting natural artifacts for a while. We have a special wooden box with a clear lid on it to keep our collection in and we take the box out from to time to look at our collection. We started about a year ago with only a few items: a geode, a few shells, and a few polished stones.



We’ve inherited a few more natural treasures from an aunt and a friend/former colleague of mine who is also an amateur geologist.

We now have a sand dollar and a large starfish


And seen with 1/2 of our geode – a stone arrowhead from New Mexico and some fossils: a fern, a fish, and a trilobyte. The pictures totally don’t do them justice.


Now we have to start identifying the names of all of our collection. To help with the rock identification, the Smithsonian Institute has a great book out on Rocks and Gems:

The illustrations are awesome in this book and they also show many pictures of the historical uses of the natural rocks and gems (in art and architecture, tools and weapons). It’s a pretty amazing book. I found a copy of this book in Borders discount section for only $10).

I have to find a good resource on our shell collection. If anyone knows of a good illustrated guide on shells please let me know.

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