Frozen rainbow in a cup…

Mmm. We made these frozen treats today from a recipe from Mom and Me Cookbook by DK Publishing.


We modified a recipe for traffic light freezer pops because we had no peaches and I made them upside down, so they can’t really be proper traffic lights.



1/4 small water melon with seeds removed
orange juice (the book says 3 peaches but I didn’t have any on hand).
5 kiwis
1/2 cup superfine sugar

Basically, we just blended each fruit layer with about a third of the sugar (so 1/6 cup) and layered it into the container of your choice, freezing between layers (at least 2 hours). I couldn’t find our popsicle molds, so I used clear glasses.

I tried straining the kiwi seeds out, but it didn’t really work, but you can if you have a fine strainer or cheesecloth maybe.

Yummy and good for you (well, not the sugar so much, but it’s chock full of vitamin C and other nutrients).

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