The button book and edible art revisited.

My 6 year old loves to replicate things she sees in books, on tv etc. Recently it has been recipes and art. I will take pictures the next time we make fresh fruit pops, because I forgot to last time, but I did manage to take pictures of the art idea she got from watching a commercial for Blues Clues. They made a button book and she wanted to make one at home.

Here’s a few of her better pages. Her artwork actually would have turned out better if she had used more narrow markers or colored pencils, but this time she used the chunkier tipped Mr. Sketch scented markers.




I don’t know why, but the misspelling of bush always makes me smile.

Tonight, we also made more edible art, this time using toothpicks and spice drops instead of marshmallows

These are my shapes I made to help my 3 year old with her shape recognition:


This is my 6 year old’s contribution:


And my 4 year old’s contribution:


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2 Responses to The button book and edible art revisited.

  1. onelittletwolittle says:

    Hi, I love your daughter’s button books. My son made a storybook with buttons inspired from his imagination. I will have to give edible art a try with my 5 year old. Thanks for sharing. ~Sako

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Thank you. That’s a lot of the reason I started this website. I love getting neat ideas from other parents and I love sharing ideas!

    It’s been fun for me as well. 🙂

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