The great thing about games.

We like playing games here. A lot. So much so that we play at least few times a week. I almost love it when it’s a rainy day just so we can stay inside and play games.

The great thing I like about playing games is the learning that takes place when you aren’t even trying. Chutes and Ladders are great for counting to 100. Candyland is great for color recognition. Hi-ho Cherry-O is great for simple addition and subtraction to 10.

You can use dice and dominoes to add.

Throw two dice, write down the two numbers and add them up or subtract them for K-1 aged children, or multiply them for older children. Throw four dice and use the resultant numbers for double digit addition or subtraction.

With the dominoes, you can take the two sides of the single domino and add or subtract or multiply the dots. If you had a set of double 12 dominoes, it could get a little challenging. So far, we just have double sixes so the math is easy enough for my kindergartener.

Money games –

Well, there’s always Monopoly with money values of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $500. And there’s Monopoly Jr with simplified money values of $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5. We have both, but my young kids only play Monopoly Jr at the moment. It is much simpler and uses a smaller game board and you set up ticket booths at boardwalk amusements to earn money.

I’ve been looking for a fun way to reinforce coin values that my 6 year old is learning in school. One way of course is making up price tags and playing grocery store with either play food or even food from your pantry cabinet. Or playing restaurant. There is a great printable restaurant kit you can print from this website. You can print up a menu and order sheets and checks you can use for your restaurant.

Here’s another freebie printable set of cards for a Pet Shop.
You print out the cards, cut them out and laminate them (using self stick laminating sheets or clear contact paper), and place coins on the cards in the circles. This website has tons of other free printables. I’ve already printed a lot of their quilt block coloring pages to help reinforce math concepts and geometric shapes.

But a great addition to your game board games is something called Money Bags and it’s really a lot of fun for two reasons. The first being that you earn money by landing on spaces that are labeled with a practical chore, such as setting the table, having a lemonade stand, etc. And the second is the fact that in addition to rolling the die, you spin the spinner to tell you what coin you can or can’t use to earn your money – like making 31 cents without using quarters. If you land on a bank exchange square, you can trade up your coins for larger coin values or dollars.

My two older girls really enjoy this game, and it’s really fun way that we get to reinforce coin value concepts. I really like it when we are learning without really even trying.


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2 Responses to The great thing about games.

  1. gail says:

    I love the website with all the printables and ideas! I bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I also added another link to the post above to some more printables I found after I posted this one. There is a great Pet Shop Money Cards printable on there. And tons of other ideas, like quilt block printables that combine math facts (addition), alphabet recognition and shape recognition.

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