Update on the 4.5 year old.

I forgot to post about the last testing session of my 4.5 year old daughter. She had a pretty long day last Thursday that I wrote about on my other blog. My gut instinct that I have always had is that she is a pretty smart cookie and a lot of her difficulties lie with her asychronous development. If, for instance she truly does have a 7 year old mind in a 4.5 year old body, particularly in a body with some sensory processing difficulties, I could easily see why she is having difficulties. But I have to wait a while longer to find out the results of this last set of tests she took.

Oh, and on a note of good news. Apparently she can now read. Her first book to try out reading skills on? Green Eggs and Ham. I didn’t sit with this child either to help her read. We just read a lot of books over the years. She just “broke the code” so to speak as I’ve heard it called. And I’ve been trying out other books, and she is doing well with them too. I didn’t expect this – I mean, of course I did, but not just yet. I am dealing with my kindergarten who is reading second grade books, and I wasn’t ready for another daughter to start reading too. I just keep thinking, how do I keep up with them? I know I read before the age of 5, and I know my husband did too. But when you see it for yourself, you think that is so amazing. And it’s more than a little bit intimidating.

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