Mini mandala art designer and math

I just had to share the neat little art kit I just bought for the girls out of some birthday money two of my children received.

The first was a mini mandala designer – romantic . For those of you who don’t know what a mandala is, it’s basically a circular art design consisting of repeating patterns (of things like geometric shapes or plants and animals, stars, etc) that represent different ideas and are used for meditative or religious purposes. Okay, that’s probably a little off but that’s the gist of it. But you can read more here at the Mandala Project.

I was first turned on to the beauty of Mandalas by the movie The Last Mimzy. And I’ve been looking for a while to find something to have here at home to make for the girls. There’s a few places online to print out mandalas to color yourselves, but I liked the idea of creating some of our own.

Here’s a few pictures of ours:



And here’s my first attempt at making one. It is a little hard to use, the inner disk seems to move a little bit too much, and you really need to use the extremely fine tipped pen that comes with it or on like it.

I had a bit of help coloring it from my 4.5 year old (and she added some squiggles to the outside). I forgot to take a picture of the one she colored. I will have to find it.


I also purchased a Melissa and Doug pattern block set. It came with 120 shapes and 6 double sided boards with designs on them.


My 3 year old did really well using the blocks – and she’s got great patience for it because she worked on two boards.


I’ve saved all my 6 year old’s pattern block math pages she did in school so that the girls could repeat the patterns at home once I finally got around to getting the pattern blocks. We can finally start doing some of that.

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