Hoppy Easter…

My daughters helped me (a little) make some money holders for their baby cousins. I was a bit on a time crunch, since I had the bright idea to make these things this morning. We are going over for Easter dinner at my mothers, so these are money holders for the littlest children.


They are simple fabric envelopes. Not all that challenging – I just cut out rectangles and folded them into a envelope. I used pinking shears on the back flap and stuck a round adhesive velcro dot for the closure. Real simple. Of course, if I hadn’t waited til the last minute, I could have put a little more effort in and done some fancier closure.

And here they are in the baskets. Two of these are for children under 6 months old (hence the teethers, and one is a toddler – so he got crayons and playdoh).


My oldest daughter also made bookmarks for her older cousins:


I think by the time she did the fourth one, she got tired. It has an R2D2 character on it, and that’s it. Daddy laminated them with self stick laminating paper to protect them.

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2 Responses to Hoppy Easter…

  1. Stacy Leigh says:

    Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! You have a really cute blog… you homeschool? We don’t have any kids yet but are planning on homeschooling when the Lord does bless us with some. You have some fun ideas on here.

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I part-time homeschool. My older two girls go to school: my oldest is in half day K and my middle child goes to preschool 2 times a week. The rest of the time, weekends, and holidays we do fun educational stuff at home. Since I used to work in science, I have a love of it and want to bring what I know (or learn) to my children. It’s more of a fun thing for me, and it is good for them. You can take me out of the lab, but you can take the lab out of me, so to speak!

    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers about the babymaking. I have some friends who were having trouble conceiving and they eventually did through medical assistance. It’s a hard road to travel. Big hugs mama!

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