My little nature girl…

So I took the three munchkins outside for a walk this morning after I got my oldest from kindergarten. My eldest was crabby and didn’t want to walk, and she dragged her heels – most likely she needed a snack. My youngest wanted her stroller – she loves her stroller. But I eventually convinced her walking would be fun.

The only one who really got into it was my sensitive (and truth be told, my “difficult”) middle child. She is very observant and she loves nature. I recently bought a basket at a thrift store for the purpose of collecting nature bits. So, I gave my middle child the task of holding the basket for our nature collection. She collected some small pinecones, and a sprig of pine needles, 3 “fruit” of a sycamore tree (I think, at least as far as I could tell from our trees field guide), an oak leaf, a rock, and a bottlecap (okay, so the last one wasn’t from nature, but it was a cool find).

When she collected all of her finds, she told me, rather excitedly, “Look at all this nature mama!”


When we came home, she lined up her treasures (she claimed them all as her own, even though her sisters helped), then proceeded to make up stories with the nature bits as characters. She made the pine needle sprig the wolf, and two of the round sycamore fruits grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. The pine sprig “ate” grandma and Little Red. Then the leaf was the woodsman who got them out of the wolf.

She’s got such an imagination and such a memory for things too. The other ones have an interest in nature bits, but for my middle child, she has such a passion for them.

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