Math and edible art…

Well, I’m tired today. I stayed up late last night and so today I’m really dragging around the day. It’s cold, rainy and dreary anyway.

So, I decided to work on some small projects. I started to make some bead stairs, a montessori math manipulative. So far I made one set of 1-9 beads.

Here’s a picture of it.


I had my girls make bead bracelets while I worked on it. Dd2 helped me make the pink beads because that was her favorite color.

It was kind of fun, now I only need to make about 9 more sets of them.

Then I had my girls do some fun edible art with marshmallows and toothpicks.

Here’s my 6 year old’s contributions

A giraffe


A 3-d building (maybe a tent?)


My 4.5 year old made a barn


And my 2.9 year olds contribution

My 4.5 year old said they looked like hammers.


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