Do they really need toys at all?

When I have a daughter that makes up her own games like this


My 4.5 year old placed polished stones, acorns, shells and other things on a placemat of presidents.

Really, who needs toys to have fun?

Okay, I’m being a little flippant. I have decluttered a bunch of toys last year, and kept only meaningful, open ended, mostly natural toys. But when I see the ingenuity in something like the above, it really makes me re-think what has play value.

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2 Responses to Do they really need toys at all?

  1. KatIsSavedByGrace says:

    I know what you mean mama! I really think children can have fun playing with basically nothing. They find things to play with. Toys have become this need when really they aren’t that necessary are they?

  2. growinginpeace says:

    That’s true.

    My 4.5 year old has probably been the most creative when it comes to turning ordinary objects into play things. I have wooden bendy dolls, yet, she uses long wooden beads as “people”. My other two haven’t been that imaginative (though they are in other ways).

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