Salt and rice art…

We have some examples of the girls’ salt and rice art (we dyed the rice and salt yesterday in this post . Well at least the 6 year old’s and the almost 3 year old’s because it’s the 4.5 year old’s turn to go to school.

Here are the salt and rice containers we used – salt shakers that can be found at either Walmart or the Dollar General, and baby food jars for the rice.


E’s art



M (6 yo)


Apparently the neon green food color just wasn’t bright enough. Either I should have put a lot more in, or I should have stuck with the regular green color.

Oh, and in case you think you can turn your back on for a minute on an almost 3 year old, think again.


That’s practically the entire container of green dyed rice.

One word of caution – don’t overdo the glue. Later it turned out that some of the vibrant colors bled because of too much Elmer’s glue.


Another word of caution: This is the type of art where you need to take pictures of and only keep the art itself a short time. Over time, we kept losing more and more salt. I don’t know if a different type of glue would work better or not, but it definitely sheds. We kept the art a few days, then I asked the girls’ permission to not save the art. Since I took pictures, they were okay with that. It was the process that was more fun anyway.

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2 Responses to Salt and rice art…

  1. KatIsSavedByGrace says:

    Totally fun! I’m a *huge* art fan so I’m drooling over here. I can’t wait to do that with my kids!

  2. growinginpeace says:

    I should make a warning that this is a temporary art project and pictures should be taken. The salt tends to shed over time.

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