Food coloring fun…

We are doing some small experiments involving freezing and melting, not entirely photo worthy stuff, so I’m sparing you the boring details for now. The Science 123 chemistry kit comes along with a really nicely laid out experiment book with simple to understand descriptions of solids, liquids, and gases and we are doing the experiments in order, trying to cover some of the basics. Since we did the density experiment before, it is a good idea to learn about states of matter and revisit density in a little while.

In the meantime, we dyed rice and salt for some art projects we will be working on. For the rice, we used about 4-8 drops of food coloring to about 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, then mixed in about a cup of rice into a baggie, and mixed thoroughly. Then we laid them out on paper towel to dry (the alcohol will evaporate). You can use the same recipe for pasta shapes too.

Photobucket has a great idea for Salt Art, and inexpensive alternative to sand art. For the salt, we simply added food coloring to the salt and mixed them in a baggie, then placed the salt on paper towels to dry. Sugar works as well, but is better saved for sugar cookies and cupcakes, otherwise you may attract ants. After they thoroughly dry, I will be putting these into shakers for the kidlets to use.


The baggies are nice for the kids to smoosh around while they mix colors. You can turn this into a color mixing lesson too, by combining primary colors to make secondary colors. Tomorrow will be attempting to make some salt and rice art.

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