Switching gears…need a plan

So I’ve decided I’m not liking the haphazard/on a whim type of “planning” I’ve been doing. Even though my kids are little yet, I probably should be working on some sort of plan and not just showing them stuff because I’m interested and I think it’s cool. At least to do a few exercises of a similar nature before moving on to something else, to help reinforce science concepts.

Of course, I think one of the ongoing projects will be to start planting some seeds (flowers and herbs and a few vegetables) into small containers indoors so that by Springtime, we can actually transplant them into the garden (that doesn’t exist yet), so that I don’t have to buy expensive, already started plants and flowers.

I’m also currently working on a homekeeping planner and will post my progress as I build it (because I can’t wait until the finished projects to show it off). I will also post the progress on the science projects planner.

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2 Responses to Switching gears…need a plan

  1. KatIsSavedByGrace says:

    Question for a first time gardener, so when you get some flower and herb seeds to plant indoors until springtime, what kind do you get? Those little seed packets that they sell at the grocery stores? Or something else? I’ve tried those before and didn’t have the best of luck, but I’m willing to try it again!

  2. growinginpeace says:

    Well, we could be facing the same problem too, then, because I just bought some from the regular stores too. I think maybe I’ll try soaking the seeds first to soften up the seeds, like we did for the beans we grew. Maybe we’ll try it both ways – with soaking and without soaking to see if there’s any difference. I’ll probably do some more research on growing from seeds and maybe find a master gardener somewhere and find out if I can get some advice.

    At any rate, worst case scenario is that we’ll be buying a few plants in April if I can’t get any growth started between now and then.

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